Official: since 2017 Meta (before Facebook) Marketing Certified!

27 March 2017 - It is official:

Thanks to our Facebook Marketing product specialist Frano Matic, there is no other fitness marketing agency in the world, that knows as much of Facebook ads strategy. And that creates an as much sustainable long-term result (meaning: generating an ongoing stream of leads and clients) for gyms, health clubs etc., as Hidden Profits Marketing!

What are the advantages of this Meta (before Facebook) Certification for fitness clubs, gyms, and personal training studios

Find out what it takes to deserve this Meta Certification. And what the advantages are for our now 750+ clients in 12 countries (September 2018) is; fitness clubs, gyms, yoga studios, personal training studios and more:

Why proven experience in successful Facebook ads matters

Any gym owner or it's marketing agency can create it's own Facebook ad. It's free to create them. But the main challenge is that 80% of the ads will not be accepted for publication. And íf the ads are accepted the issue is that they are far too expensive and they don't create any results! This whole process is very time consuming, stressful and in most cases a big waste of money, time and energy. 

Certified by Meta, Google, and Bing!

Now we are Meta Certified, are you aware that Hidden Profits Marketing was the first ever Google Ads Partner in the global fitness industry? As well as the world's first ever Certified fitness marketing agency?

Meta Marketing Certified Buying Professional

The Meta Buying Professional Certificate is about continuously optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns for maximum result. Among others:

  • Complete knowledge and understanding of Facebook ads possibilities
  • Target the right key target audiences for maximum click through
  • Successful Facebook pricing auction strategies
  • Insight in strategies and analytical skills

How happy are you with the Facebook Marketing Strategy for your fitness club?

Do this 2-minute quick scan and find out how you compare to our benchmark. It's free and will give you instant insights into your possibilities.


  • "Month after month, a consistent number of leads!"

    Jason Westlake, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness in Chilliwack (Canada)
  • "For both my 30 EasyFit Premium clubs as well as most of our Milon Fitness Circuit clubs, this program delivers good numbers!"

    Raf Swerts, EasyFit Premium Clubs (chain Belgium)
  • "Stop the campaigns please! We are completely full!"

    Gert Bongers, GetFit35 Doetinchem (the Netherlands)
  • "Members-stop! A full studio within 9 months, partly thanks to Hidden Profits."

    Iris van Westering Stokkink, BodyTec Veenendaal (the Netherlands)
  • "With the opening of Fitness35 in Galway, Hidden Profits Marketing generated way more leads than I've ever expected!"

    Joe Cosgrove, Fitness 35 in Galway (Ireland)
  • "December is usually a tough month but this time the member registrations just continue."

    Sanne Rooijmans, Crossfit 075 (the Netherlands)
  • "We found an optimal process of generating and converting the leads "

    Daniel Buth, LifeCity Chain of Fitness Clubs (The Netherlands)
  • "A true sustainable stream of leads, guaranteeing our month over month growth! All with your great care!"

    Klaus Heusel, Palestra Fitness in Eberbach (Germany)
  • "Amazing results! These guys just know how to generate hundreds and hundreds of leads on Facebook, Instagram, Google etc."

    Jesse-Bo Leenders, OosterGym in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • "I can be very clear: you guys at Hidden Profits Marketing can do with my studios marketing whatever you feel is right."

    Martin Kupfer, Fitnessstudio Zorneding in Zorneding (Germany)
  • "Both our sales appointment calendar and our studio are way fuller now!"

    Sebastian Ladner, Exercito Fitness Club, Wilhelmshaven (Germany)
  • "Within 21 days, we signed up 36 new long-term members for our Personal Training & Small Group Studio. All classes are ..."

    Roy Liefting, Liefting Fit Personal Training & Small Group (The Neth
  • "The best solution for club owners and managers, that do not have all this digital marketing knowledge and ..."

    Martijn van der Pijl, Slim Bezig Milon Micro Studio (The Netherlands
  • "We have been growing now for 55 months in a row! "

    Romano Morais, Healthy Fit Gym (The Netherlands)
  • "I tried some other marketing agencies, but returned here as a client. The number and the quality of the leads are great, so .."

    Frank Reijn, Aerofit in The Hague - Wassenaar (the Netherlands)
  • "In just 1.5 year time, my boutique fitness club is completely fully booked! Thank you Hidden Profits Marketing!"

    Erwin Korst, SX Sportsclub in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)
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    The Holy Grail of Digital Fitness Marketing & Sales!

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