How the HPM Pyramid Model Helps Your Fitness Club Grow

Posted on 23-06-2023

As a fitness entrepreneur in Canada, USA, and UK, your goal is to attract as many members as possible to your fitness club. You understand that a higher number of members not only increases your revenue but also creates a thriving community and improves long-term success. 

However, recruiting members is not easy

Finding and convincing potential members can be challenging. This is where the Hidden Profits Marketing Pyramid Model comes into play. This model provides a schematic representation of potential members for fitness centers and helps you develop targeted marketing strategies to effectively reach your target audience.

Many pyramids have hidden areas. 
The deeper you delve into the HPM pyramid, the more hidden profits you will discover!


This HPM Pyramid Model, which we have been using for our clients since 2011, was inspired by an idea from Chet Holmes' book "The Ultimate Sales Machine" from 2008.

The 5 Levels

The Hidden Profits Marketing Pyramid Model divides potential members into five layers, each with a different level of interest and readiness to become members. Let's take a look at each layer and how to approach them.

1 - The "wet dream" peak: Buyers

The pyramid's top (3%): This top layer consists of individuals actively seeking a fitness membership. They have already decided to start exercising and are open to suggestions. This is the most promising group of potential members, so it's important to focus on them. You can target them through specific Google ads, social media campaigns, and search engine optimization to showcase your fitness studio prominently when they are looking for a membership. These are dream customers that every business owner desires, but they are relatively few in number.

2 - Members who need motivation

The second layer (7%): This group of people is open to the idea of joining a fitness center but needs an extra push to take the step. Focus on providing them valuable information and convince them with testimonials from satisfied customers. Offer free trial periods, 4-12 week challenges, or special offers to win them over. This can be done through email marketing, landing pages on your website, or direct mailings.

3 - Fitness…?

The third layer (20%): This layer consists of people who haven't considered fitness yet but are open to lifestyle changes. They may not have realized that fitness could be a good option for them. Here, it's important to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Utilize content marketing to distribute informative and inspiring articles, blog posts, videos, and social media content. Show them how fitness can positively impact their lives.

4 - "No, I don't think so."

The fourth layer (30%): This group of people believes they are not interested in fitness. They may have biases or have had negative experiences. It's important to break down these barriers through effective marketing strategies. Organize free workshops, membership tests, or challenges that emphasize fun, community, and the non-traditional aspects of fitness. By providing them with positive experiences, you can change their mindset and turn them into members of your fitness studio.

5 - Those who will never become members! Unless...

The bottom layer (40%): These people know they are not interested in fitness, and their opinion is unlikely to change. Although it may be tempting to completely ignore this group, it's worth developing a strategy to occasionally address them. Perhaps they have family members, friends, or colleagues who are interested in fitness. Through testimonials, referrals, and referral programs, you can indirectly reach this group and potentially gain new potential members. And remember, you now have members who once said they would never go to a fitness studio...

Important: Lower = More starting support

This HPM Pyramid Model is essentially a customer journey. People at the top level actively search and become members themselves, perhaps without being asked to become members. The deeper the lead is in the pyramid, the more initial help they need from you as an entrepreneur (with your team). These are not bad leads; they are leads that need a push. Or two, maybe three. Because they simply weren't ready to become members on their own initiative. When you recognize this, you know how to successfully achieve your hidden profits. While your competition may say they are "bad leads," you don't abandon the lead but continue to provide the necessary push.

All strategies in one place

The Hidden Profits Marketing Pyramid Model provides a structured framework for managing marketing activities for your fitness club across different levels of potential members. By developing targeted strategies for each layer, you can effectively allocate your marketing budget and reach a broader target audience. Remember to measure and analyze your activities, so you can see which approaches are most successful and adjust your strategies accordingly.

The growth of your business requires consistency, patience, and creativity. With the Hidden Profits Marketing Pyramid Model, you can refine your marketing strategies and increase your chances of attracting new members.

The HPM pyramid model in practice?

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Published in the Dutch Body Life Magazine 2023-06

Author: Aernout Leezenberg

The author is the founder of Hidden Profits Marketing, which has been helping entrepreneurs and managers in the fitness industry to make healthy profits since 2004.

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