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biggest expense for gyms

This is the biggest expense for gyms and health clubs

Posted on 03-03-2024

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hidden Profts Marketing. That's why the articles in Body Life Magazine in 2024 will focus on timeless and fundamental marketing choices facing ambitious entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.  No. The ...

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trend private gyms

Fitness trend: private gyms without staff

Posted on 17-02-2024

Every year, new lists of fitness trends appear. There, every year you then see a small shift from, PT to functional training, from yoga to pilates, from regular fitness to physio fitness. And so on. Meanwhile, a real transformation in the fitness industry s...

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future fitness club

Marketing for the fitness club of the future

Posted on 05-12-2023

What will marketing for fitness clubs (incl. fitness centres, gyms, boutique clubs, PT etc.) look like in the future? Healthy Profits in 2025 - 2030 Let me start by designating the period 2025 - 2030 as the 'future'. Looking any longer ahead i...

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fitness lead follow up

You have a fitness lead, now what? Avoid these 5 mistakes.

Posted on 05-11-2023

The best lead follow-up tips from leads and member acquisition for gyms, fitness clubs, and PT studios. Based on fitness marketing experience since 2004. OK, you have a lead. Or even more. Nice. Now what? How do you make sure you get the best results fro...

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Behavioral change

Behavioral change in member acquisition

Posted on 17-08-2023

Behavioral Change in Member Acquisition: 90% of fitness studios overlook these 3 steps on their website. From procrastination to registration: New members don't sign up on their own. They postpone the decision to start. Again and again. They'r...

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No words but data

Fitness marketing: not just words, but data!

Posted on 17-07-2023

An ambitious entrepreneur or manager in the fitness industry relies on data for at least 80% or even more,  supplemented by a little gut feeling. The small studio entrepreneurs with too few members do exactly the opposite.   Everything in ...

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Digital Competitors Fitness Studios 2023

The rise of new digital competitors for the fitness industry

Posted on 14-07-2023

In the past, competition in the fitness industry was simple: the gym around the corner, further down the street, or further into the village. In 2023, the new competition will be digital and coming from unexpected sides NEW: NIKESTUDIOS! Nike is no...

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ebook artificial intelligence in fitness marketing

Ebook: Artificial Intelligence in Fitness Marketing

Posted on 07-07-2023

Will robots take over your marketing, before the end of this year? Download the Free Ebook* on AI Artificial Intelligence in fitness marketing now. Download In this ebook* you will discover: ✔️ The difference between Automation and A...

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telephone lead follow up

Calling online leads is easy with these Top 5 Tips

Posted on 23-06-2023

You've received an online lead, now what? Time to make a call! See, the Internet is obviously an ideal way to easily and quickly connect with your target audience, your potential members. But do you know how much emotion is involved when it comes ...

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How scary is working out at the gym for normal people?

Posted on 23-06-2023

You, as the reader of this article, are a fitness entrepreneur, manager, or trainer/coach. You realize that you work in an awesome industry. You personally enjoy training and helping people become fitter, healthier, slimmer, and more confident. Therefore, t...

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Pyramid model for growth

How the HPM Pyramid Model Helps Your Fitness Club Grow

Posted on 23-06-2023

As a fitness entrepreneur in Canada, USA, and UK, your goal is to attract as many members as possible to your fitness club. You understand that a higher number of members not only increases your revenue but also creates a thriving community and improves lon...

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Book 90 Day Recovery Plan

GG Fit & Hidden Profits Marketing present the book:

Posted on 23-03-2021

How to Recover your Fitness Club in 90 Days (PDF) *Includes 100% discount code for the accompanying Activation Webinar! Content among others: How to activate current and ex-members What channels and content to use How to attract new mem...

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Not just fitness buyers

The Holy Grail of Digital Fitness Marketing & Sales!

Posted on 29-07-2016

Update January 2021: The principles in this blog are used in our now 800+ fitness clubs, gyms, PT studios, and Boutique Clubs in 12 countries a.o. United States of America, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and more. Only 3% of your target audience&nbs...

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Statement Corona Virus CEO Wouter Cornelissen

Statement COVID-19 Corona Virus by CEO Wouter Cornelissen

Posted on 17-03-2020

The COVID-19 Corona virus is out there, and here to stay for the upcoming period. Nobody can ignore that. It’s a serious problem for the world. Both private as business related. In many countries the latest regulations are now also specifically impact...

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Dutch wave boutique fitness

Meet the next wave in Boutique Fitness: the Dutch Wave!

Posted on 22-02-2020

Every fitness industry development and trend comes in waves. After the 1st wave, it's time for the 2nd wave, the Dutch Wave. Global boutique fitness trendsetters from the land of Anna Frank, wooden shoes and 'coffee' shops The growing...

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Hot celebrity trend: (co-)owning a fitness business

Hot celebrity trend: (co-)owning a fitness business

Posted on 14-05-2019

Owning a (part of a) fitness business seems to become more and more appealing to celebrities worldwide. With the increasing consumer spending on wellness, it's not a bad idea either. Influence of celebrities on the fitness market Check out how cel...

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More Relevance Google Ads

Remarketing in Google Ads for more relevance

Posted on 09-04-2019

Want better results with Google Ads? Our innovation team tested a remarketing technique for Google Ads that showed an increase in clicks between 50.9% and 80.8%! The magic word for your fitness Google Ads: relevance The remarketing technique we recent...

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UK low cost gyms report by PWC

PWC Fitness Industry Report on low cost gyms in the UK

Posted on 20-03-2019

Source: UK Fitness industry now worth around £ 5 billion! The UK health and fitness sector is an established, long-standing market. It has doubled in size since the year 2000. The market combined valuation is currently around...

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Social Proof: Priceless Technique for More Fitness Leads

Social Proof: Priceless Technique for More Fitness Leads

Posted on 19-02-2019

Are you already using Social Proof in your fitness marketing strategy? This strong online persuasion technique is very easy to implement. And: it’s free! Question: What makes people buy? Imagine: you want to buy a new book. Online. You go to a w...

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More fitness leads by better user experience in Google

More fitness leads by better user experience in Google

Posted on 08-02-2019

In 2019 we celebrate 10 years of Official Google Ad Partner! Everyone knows Google Ads (the official new name for Google Adwords). This blog is about the additional techniques we use to generate more leads through Google Adwords, without simply incr...

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Fitness Tech 2018

Mega Trend: the worldwide Fitness Tech Landscape in 2018

Posted on 09-09-2018

Is your club, gym or studio ready to grab the new Mega Trend? Fitness Tech is taking over the Fitness Industry! Like you can read in this short LinkedIn Blog, tech is the worldwide Mega Trend in the Fitness Industry. Think of automation of proces...

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The Profit TV Show

VIDEO: Marcus Lemonis of The Profit turns around a Gym

Posted on 12-07-2017

I guess you are familiar with the CNBC reality tv show 'The Profit', starring extreme successful entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis. This is season 2, episode 3: Pro-Fit Gym. This episode: Pro-Fit a money losing gym turns into a profit machine M...

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10 fitnesstrends in LA

Top 10 hot fitness workout trends in Los Angeles

Posted on 16-05-2017

Everybody knows, that LA is fitness heaven. It may well be the city with the most fitness-oriented people. These 10 new workouts are now taking over LA They come in alphabetic order. And look how short and simple all the names get, that is a trend to...

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Undercover Boss in Fitness

Undercover Boss in the fitness industry

Posted on 12-04-2017

Some television series really grab you. Undercover Boss is definitely one of these tv shows that do exactly that. Did you see the show where the CEO of Retro Fitness (chain of 90 clubs) goes undercover? Well, here's your chance! Watch the Underco...

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Results 2016

The online fitness marketing benchmark results 2016

Posted on 26-01-2017

What we see: on an international level and in the U.K. and Ireland, the fitness industry is growing. However, that growth is mainly created by the large chains and the new boutique fitness clubs. The more traditional fitnessclubs suffer more and more f...

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Gary Vaynerchuk on fitness

Gary Vaynerchuk discusses fitness entrepreneurship

Posted on 06-11-2016

It is good to have someone like social marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk discuss his vision on the fitness business industry in general. A Personal Trainer, an online fitness guru, and the Gary Vaynerchuk The concept is simple: put these 3 people in 1 r...

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online fitness marketing in numbers

Digital fitness club & gym marketing results; the numbers

Posted on 26-09-2016

"Okay, nowadays about every fitness club, gym, health club, cross box, personal trainer, and yoga studio has its own website. Great! That is step 1 of 2. Because now it's time to get your website to do what it is meant to do; producing leads a...

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The digital fitness marketing iceberg, only 10% is visible

The digital fitness marketing iceberg, only 10% is visible

Posted on 16-02-2016

The good part of the internet is that you can come across a lot of inspiration for your marketing ‘for free’. Copying, typos included...! Aernout Leezenberg, CEO Hidden Profits Marketing: ‘Many fitness entrepreneurs that use DIY-marketin...

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2015 as a fitness marketing year in numbers

2015 as a fitness marketing year in numbers

Posted on 16-02-2016

The Dutch fitness market is growing. But for many, many independent entrepreneurs with a gym or fitness centre, these are very difficult times. Record number of fitness leads, month after month in 2015 Completely contrary to current trends, over 220 ...

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  • "Hidden Profits Marketing is the only company that delivered true lead to revenues"

    Benjamin Peker, Retro Fitness Brooklyn, New York
  • "December is usually a tough month but this time the member registrations just continue."

    Sanne Rooijmans, Crossfit 075 (the Netherlands)
  • "With the opening of Fitness35 in Galway, Hidden Profits Marketing generated way more leads than I've ever expected!"

    Joe Cosgrove, Fitness 35 in Galway (Ireland)
  • "For both my 30 EasyFit Premium clubs as well as most of our Milon Fitness Circuit clubs, this program delivers good numbers!"

    Raf Swerts, EasyFit Premium Clubs (chain Belgium)
  • "Month after month, a consistent number of leads!"

    Jason Westlake, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness in Chilliwack (Canada)
  • "In just 1.5 year time, my boutique fitness club is completely fully booked! Thank you Hidden Profits Marketing!"

    Erwin Korst, SX Sportsclub in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)
  • "My 2 Health clubs in London and in Horsham are generating more leads and clients then ever before! "

    Stuart Davis, My35 in Horsham & Life3 in London
  • "A true sustainable stream of leads, guaranteeing our month over month growth! All with your great care!"

    Klaus Heusel, Palestra Fitness in Eberbach (Germany)
  • "Amazing results! These guys just know how to generate hundreds and hundreds of leads on Facebook, Instagram, Google etc."

    Jesse-Bo Leenders, OosterGym in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • "Stop the campaigns please! We are completely full!"

    Gert Bongers, GetFit35 Doetinchem (the Netherlands)
  • "We found an optimal process of generating and converting the leads "

    Daniel Buth, LifeCity Chain of Fitness Clubs (The Netherlands)
  • "I can be very clear: you guys at Hidden Profits Marketing can do with my studios marketing whatever you feel is right."

    Martin Kupfer, Fitnessstudio Zorneding in Zorneding (Germany)
  • "Both our sales appointment calendar and our studio are way fuller now!"

    Sebastian Ladner, Exercito Fitness Club, Wilhelmshaven (Germany)
  • "Within 21 days, we signed up 36 new long-term members for our Personal Training & Small Group Studio. All classes are ..."

    Roy Liefting, Liefting Fit Personal Training & Small Group (The Neth
  • "The best solution for club owners and managers, that do not have all this digital marketing knowledge and ..."

    Martijn van der Pijl, Slim Bezig Milon Micro Studio (The Netherlands
  • "We have been growing now for 55 months in a row! "

    Romano Morais, Healthy Fit Gym (The Netherlands)
  • "I tried some other marketing agencies, but returned here as a client. The number and the quality of the leads are great, so .."

    Frank Reijn, Aerofit in The Hague - Wassenaar (the Netherlands)
  • "Members-stop! A full studio within 9 months, partly thanks to Hidden Profits."

    Iris van Westering Stokkink, BodyTec Veenendaal (the Netherlands)
  • This is the biggest expense for gyms and health clubs

    This is the biggest expense for gyms and health clubs

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hidden Profts Marketing. That's why the articles in Body Life Magazine in 2024 will focus on ...

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  • Fitness trend: private gyms without staff

    Fitness trend: private gyms without staff

    Every year, new lists of fitness trends appear. There, every year you then see a small shift from, PT to functional training, from yoga t...

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