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This is the privacy statement of: Hidden Profits Marketing International BV established on Computerweg 21, 1033 RH in Amsterdam. Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 70290458 and VAT number: NL858239231B01. For questions or communications, you can mail to

Wherever reference is made in this privacy statement to ‘personal data’, we intend the information you provide us with about yourself. It may be your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc. You do this by choice.

The purpose of processing and storing your personal data

Your personal data is exclusively used to inform you and contact you regarding what you filled the relevant contact form out for. The composition of the personal data asked is adjusted in such a manner for each form, that we do not ask or store any information from you which is not relevant to the purpose for which you leave your personal data. It is entirely up to you whether you leave us your personal data. We distinguish between 4 types of personal data among those we process on this website:

  1. Information request: The purpose of most forms on this website is to inform you about a specific marketing program, or a specific question you have posted yourself. It is described per each form what type of information you will receive. The required personal information is limited to the question you have, company name, name, e-mail, and phone number so we can provide information for specific requests.

  2. Marketing scan: would you like to know what your current digital marketing experience is compared to our international benchmark? In that case, we will need more information than just your company name, name, e-mail address, and phone number. We ask you to, voluntarily, answer a number of questions with regards to the current and wanted situations for your marketing and sales, your growth goals and similar topics. Your contact information, in combination with these answers, is exclusively used to subsequently inform and advise you on the most suitable type of marketing approach.

  3. Newsletter: you may register for the Hidden Profits Marketing newsletter. This always takes place through a mandatory, double opt-in process. After registration, you periodically receive the newsletter by e-mail to provide you with general information about Hidden Profits Marketing International BV and their services.

  4. Knowledge platform: for all long-term clients, we have an exclusive knowledge sharing platform. Parts of that platform will be open to non-long-term clients. The personal data you use to create an account is only used for granting you access to that platform. 

After receipt of the data, we will contact you by e-mail, text message and/or telephone to provide you with the information you requested.

Duration of storage of personal data

Personal data is stored no longer than is strictly necessary. For all regular contact forms (purpose 1, 2, and 3 as described above) it applies, that data is deleted 12 months after it was furnished. At that point, we are sure that there has been sufficient opportunity to inform you regarding what you left your personal information for. When registering for a newsletter or knowledge sharing platform, we keep your data for as long as you maintain your subscription; you can unsubscribe actively at all times through a link in the newsletter, a link in the platform or by contacting us via e-mail. Also in the event, your data is removed from the information and/or newsletter database in the meantime.


Your personal data is secure. The entrusted information is protected with the aid of technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and modification to an absolute minimum. These include, for instance, firewalls, data encryption, secure connections, and physical and administrative access checks for data and servers.

Provision of personal data to third parties

To render the information you requested accessible, Hidden Profits Marketing International BV collaborates with third parties. These may be website administrators, a hosting party, newsletter systems, and landing page softwares, etc. With all parties involved, a so-called Processor Agreement has been concluded. Through this agreement, matters like the security and timely deletion of your personal data are assured.

The right to file a complaint with the UK monitoring agency ‘Information Commissioner's Office’

We like to point out to you that you have the possibility to peruse the personal data stored by us, to rectify or withdraw it and/or to delete it from our database. To this effect, you can send an e-mail to

The right to file a complaint with the UK monitoring agency ‘Information Commissioner's Office’

If you don’t agree with the privacy statement described above or with the manner in which we handle your data, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent authority at in your country. For the United Kingdom, this is the Information Commissioner's Office,
This privacy statement may be modified at any moment. We advise you to regularly review the privacy statement.


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    Sanne Rooijmans, Crossfit 075 (the Netherlands)
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    Joe Cosgrove, Fitness 35 in Galway (Ireland)
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    Raf Swerts, EasyFit Premium Clubs (chain Belgium)
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    Erwin Korst, SX Sportsclub in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)
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    Stuart Davis, My35 in Horsham & Life3 in London
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    Klaus Heusel, Palestra Fitness in Eberbach (Germany)
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    Jesse-Bo Leenders, OosterGym in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • "Stop the campaigns please! We are completely full!"

    Gert Bongers, GetFit35 Doetinchem (the Netherlands)
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    Daniel Buth, LifeCity Chain of Fitness Clubs (The Netherlands)
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    Martin Kupfer, Fitnessstudio Zorneding in Zorneding (Germany)
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    Romano Morais, Healthy Fit Gym (The Netherlands)
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    Frank Reijn, Aerofit in The Hague - Wassenaar (the Netherlands)
  • "Members-stop! A full studio within 9 months, partly thanks to Hidden Profits."

    Iris van Westering Stokkink, BodyTec Veenendaal (the Netherlands)
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