Press release: Brand new partnership Virtuagym & Hidden Profits Marketing

Posted on 14-07-2023



Virtuagym and Hidden Profits Marketing partner and launch new lead management solution for fitness clubs and studios 

Virtuagym, global provider of the leading All-in-One health and fitness software solution, and Hidden Profits Marketing, creator of Europe’s foremost platform for gym and studio lead generation,  have announced a new partnership, including a product integration.

What does the partnership entail?  

The new integration has created a seamless automation between Virtuagym’s club management software and Hidden Profits Marketing’s lead generation formula, enabling fitness clubs and studios to enhance their customer lead management and boost their growth.

Through this solution, fitness club owners and entrepreneurs can efficiently access key lead information all on the Virtuagym platform, whilst significantly reducing administrative work by removing the need for manually uploading leads between systems. 

The new solution is initially available to Virtuagym and Hidden Profits Marketing customers in the Benelux and DACH regions, with the latter being a key growth area for both organisations. 

What are the benefits of this partnership for fitness studios?

The leads generated by Hidden Profits Marketing, including all key information and statuses, are automatically displayed in a customer lead overview in the Virtuagym system. Furthermore, the data is synced between both platforms, ensuring club managers and entrepreneurs can easily track customer conversion rates.

As outlined by Jan Klein-Zirbes, Owner of Mrs. Sporty München-Bogenhausen, "The integration between Hidden Profits Marketing and Virtuagym has delivered immediate convenience and effectiveness. It saves me valuable time because the leads are automatically in the system, so we can focus more on our members."

What do the CEOs of Virtuagym and Hidden Profits Marketing have to say about this partnership?

"Digitisation has transformed how health and fitness businesses engage with and manage potential new customers. And in an increasingly competitive industry, it has never been more important to use systems that enable businesses to efficiently acquire, analyse and understand them”, commented Hugo Braam, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtuagym. “We believe this integration with Hidden Profits Marketing will be invaluable for our customers, further enhancing Virtuagym’s open and customizable All-in-One platform for management, coaching and engagement"


CEO Aernout for Hidden Profits Marketing


For Hidden Profits Marketing, the partnership with Virtuagym is all about adding extra value to our clients and to the entrepreneurs that really aim at building a rock solid and healthy business,’ stated Aernout Leezenberg, Founder and CEO of Hidden Profits Marketing. “It supports our decision for further expansion and growth in German and Dutch speaking countries. It is also a logical next step in supporting fitness chains and independent clubs, gyms and studios, to automate their member and lead recruiting processes. Both from a technical and business perspective."



About Virtuagym

Virtuagym is a global provider of the leading All-in-One health and fitness software solution for the fitness industry and corporate health. With innovative tools for management, coaching and engagement, Virtuagym helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow by enhancing client experiences and business management,  supporting retention, and saving valuable time and money.

Virtuagym supports more than 20 million consumers, over 9,000 fitness businesses, and 45,000+ trainers worldwide,  including Mrs. Sporty, PRIME TIME fitness, FT Club, Zott Fitnessclubs, Fitness Park, Fit20, Easy Fitness and many more. Virtuagym currently has 200+ employees across their offices in Amsterdam and the Americas. For more details fill out the contact form.

About Hidden Profits Marketing

Hidden Profits Marketing is the leading fitness marketing agency, based in Amsterdam. Its goal is to create healthy profits for fitness clubs, gyms, and studios by providing the GrowthFormula. This program consists of 3 pillars: A) The Fundamentals (lead & member generating website, search engine optimization and - advertising), B) a varying marketing Tool Box (social media ads, emailing, Text Messaging, Lead-Connect virtual phone assistant, etc. And C) Lead to member conversion coaching. Hidden Profits Marketing (founded in 2004) is certified partner of Google and Meta/Facebook and currently consists of 50 fitness marketing experts. Clients are a.o. fitness chains Mrs.Sporty, Retro Fitness, BFT, Life Swiss Health Clubs and Mein-Gym.

Want to learn more about integrating with Virtuagym?

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  • "Hidden Profits Marketing is the only company that delivered true lead to revenues"

    Benjamin Peker from Retro Fitness
  • "December is usually a tough month but this time the member registrations just continue."

    Sanne Rooijmans, Crossfit 075 (the Netherlands)
  • "With the opening of Fitness35 in Galway, Hidden Profits Marketing generated way more leads than I've ever expected!"

    Joe Cosgrove, Fitness 35 in Galway (Ireland)
  • "For both my 30 EasyFit Premium clubs as well as most of our Milon Fitness Circuit clubs, this program delivers good numbers!"

    Raf Swerts, EasyFit Premium Clubs (chain Belgium)
  • "Month after month, a consistent number of leads!"

    Jason Westlake, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness in Chilliwack (Canada)
  • "In just 1.5 year time, my boutique fitness club is completely fully booked! Thank you Hidden Profits Marketing!"

    Erwin Korst, SX Sportsclub in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)
  • "My 2 Health clubs in London and in Horsham are generating more leads and clients then ever before! "

    Stuart Davis, My35 in Horsham & Life3 in London
  • "A true sustainable stream of leads, guaranteeing our month over month growth! All with your great care!"

    Klaus Heusel, Palestra Fitness in Eberbach (Germany)
  • "Amazing results! These guys just know how to generate hundreds and hundreds of leads on Facebook, Instagram, Google etc."

    Jesse-Bo Leenders, OosterGym in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • "Stop the campaigns please! We are completely full!"

    Gert Bongers, GetFit35 Doetinchem (the Netherlands)
  • "We found an optimal process of generating and converting the leads "

    Daniel Buth, LifeCity Chain of Fitness Clubs (The Netherlands)
  • "I can be very clear: you guys at Hidden Profits Marketing can do with my studios marketing whatever you feel is right."

    Martin Kupfer, Fitnessstudio Zorneding in Zorneding (Germany)
  • "Both our sales appointment calendar and our studio are way fuller now!"

    Sebastian Ladner, Exercito Fitness Club, Wilhelmshaven (Germany)
  • "Within 21 days, we signed up 36 new long-term members for our┬áPersonal Training & Small Group Studio. All classes are ..."

    Roy Liefting, Liefting Fit Personal Training & Small Group (The Neth
  • "The best solution for club owners and managers, that do not have all this digital marketing knowledge and ..."

    Martijn van der Pijl, Slim Bezig Milon Micro Studio (The Netherlands
  • "We have been growing now for 55 months in a row! "

    Romano Morais, Healthy Fit Gym (The Netherlands)
  • "I tried some other marketing agencies, but returned here as a client. The number and the quality of the leads are great, so .."

    Frank Reijn, Aerofit in The Hague - Wassenaar (the Netherlands)
  • "Members-stop! A full studio within 9 months, partly thanks to Hidden Profits."

    Iris van Westering Stokkink, BodyTec Veenendaal (the Netherlands)
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